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March, 2010


The Institute of Hard Knocks

Posted: March 24th, 2010 | Category: Common Sense | Comments

Which is more upsetting, not being accepted onto campus or not being able to get off of it?

Traditional marriage vows and life decision applications have the same expectational foundation and unspoken necessity … TO LIVE. Our daily experiences are what grow character, so the more fully we live, the more fully we grow.

Human-spirit sounds at times like an oxymoron but if you can accept (either subjectively, theoretically or conversationally) that “we” each have a vital life force, an inner being, then read on. Presumptively, we could have been schooled elsewhere but our father chose instead, to send us off to a tough boarding school, Earth’s Institute of Hard Knocks. Beautiful campus, but a long, tough curriculum.

Full emersion into change, challenges, temptations and failure promotes character development (or decay) so what else is needed to matriculate? Developing character to a productively rich status, requires the addition of three outside aides; 1) a good role model, 2) instructive insight from the right teacher’s lesson book, and 3) the vigilant oversight of a full time counselor. Each must be working with us independently and jointly to overlay a prescribed curriculum atop on-the-job experience. Cutting classes or prolonged playground activity guarantees an unproductive and unfulfilled long term “venture,” while diligent attendance, a diversified curriculum and knowledge gained from each assignment, yields well rounded life “adventures.”

Living is an integral part of our education, while education in turn makes living simpler. Acceptance first, participation second and then life application completes the course entitled, Live, Love, Honor and Obey 101. Start with kindergarten and then one day step off campus to help others who are paying the price of a delayed education.

Author – J.C. Calkins, March 24, 2010


1.8% says No to God?

Posted: March 20th, 2010 | Category: christian, Common Sense, Political | Comments

What kind of world is it where 98.2% of the global population can be so easily intimidated and silenced by the 1.8% vocal minority? Anyway, I can’t think of any other single societal subject where this could happen. Who can respect the court of any land (or dictatorial mandate) which effectively, even if unintentionally, gags and silences 98.2% of the people?

The More Secluded The Spring ~ JC Calkins

Posted: March 10th, 2010 | Category: Hope, Inspirational, Jesus Follower, Love | Comments (1)

Sometimes, perhaps even most of the time, it’s easier to be swallowed up by the darkness than to envision the next sunrise. A gentle scraping of scorched toast reveals a new beginning by rescuing the value beneath the ruins.  Similarly, enduring the darkest recesses of any storm eventually unveils a freshness which simply couldn’t exist the day before. From every hidden stitch and seam of life, a new garment of understanding can be woven and draped over those willing shoulders… read more

Identifying The Right Path ~ JC Calkins

Posted: March 4th, 2010 | Category: christian, Common Sense | Comments (2)

LOST, CONFUSED, DISAPPOINTED? There are many life situations and experiences which are simply meant to be. Contrarily there are an even greater number of situations which ARE, but were never meant to be. Knowing the difference ahead of time can make our lives a lot more pleasant. The experiences which are or were meant to happen, will occur despite any obstacles, delays or interference that might be offered or encountered. Advancing toward experiences which are not meant for us, will… read more