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September, 2010


The Effort of Learning – JC Calkins

Posted: September 21st, 2010 | Category: christian | Comments

Learning is one of the greatest blessings we’ll ever experience, right up there with the gift of life.  One of the most convenient aspects of our modern world is the availability of vast amounts of information and if used properly, knowledge. For many of us it is literally at our fingertips.  How well we utilize these bits of potential knowledge lies in the individual choices we’ll make with and about it.  Knowledge should be the treasure which precedes influence, but that isn’t always true. Wisdom is the missing key which needs to be inserted before sound judgement can ever be rendered.

What do you hope or need to understand in this life? The miracle workings of the human body, the secrets of the universe or the latest wonders in technology?  The arts, sciences, philosophy or power of mathematics?  The purpose of life?  Whatever our choices are, a plethora of available options awaits us.  When someone says to me, “I hate or hated school”, it tells me one of two things, either their choices of academics were incompatible with their inherent abilities or the social network surrounding the schooling was problematic for the speaker.  If we consider ourselves life learners, we may not be comfortable or tolerant around mental sluggards, but that’s as much our issue to overcome as theirs. If we’re sluggardly, we probably won’t be reading this. “The devil is in the details,” describes far too many attitudes today. We prefer our chosen knowledge injected or infused, delivered on demand and trimmed for rapid, efficient and pleasurable consumption.  That is simply not how functional knowledge advances and prospers.  Knowledge is proprietary, exclusive and unique to each living, thinking individual. Like everything living in the universe, the seeds of knowledge must be first planted, then fertilized, watered and eventually harvested. They must then be exposed to time and the lights of challenge and discovery.  It involves much work and the fruits of such hard work are bountiful.  What we gain is ours alone, unless we choose to share it.  When we add knowledge to our experience, the result is singularly unique and unbelievably special.

We learn in any environment, public or parochial, painful or enjoyable, both from trials and blessings. If it’s all fun, you’ll only get half the lesson and half of any lesson will yield as much trouble as tribute. Read for knowledge and pleasure, study for affirmation and discovery, live for purpose and achievement, pray for wisdom and understanding but only do these things if you want a full life!  If your default choice is a cup half full, then Tweet, post, gossip, view and embellish the ordinary.  Life is the school we’ve been enrolled in, but knowledge is the product of our effort. Knowledge is like everything else in life, it grows out of sacrifice, hard work and an uncanny blend of compromise and perseverance. Faith is different, in fact almost the opposite, but faith can be reinforced by all of these same attributes. Faith however starts with trust, in that certain someOne else that everyone else you respect has already accepted and proven.

JC Calkins with Common Sense 4 Uncommon People

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Earn it!

Posted: September 7th, 2010 | Category: christian | Comments

We work our entire lives that we may sleep restfully, yet the more we gain from our work the less we are able to sleep. We seek physical assurances that we’ll have what we think we’ll need tomorrow or in many other cases, that we’ll have what we desire come tomorrow. Yet, the more things we have, the more things we will worry about losing, including sleep. We’ve become so regimented in these productive efforts that our worldly desires have… read more

Life’s Essential Truths

Posted: September 2nd, 2010 | Category: christian, Promotional | Comments

Each blog which we publish deals with some important life truth. Our Natural Reflections Journey series of (dvds, downloads) video-books and soothing graphics cover over 800 of these misplaced or forgotten necessities. Happiness is much more elusive today because we have too many expectations and lack the virtues of patience and compartmentalization. One of our kids innocently said while looking for a job after high school ‘ “it shouldn’t matter how I look, it should only matter who I am”…. read more