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November, 2012


The One

Posted: November 30th, 2012 | Category: Christ Follower, Christianity, Inspirational, Spirituality | Comments (1)

On the surface, there are few statements which our Lord made which are more obvious and believable than this one; “Jesus replied,  ‘What is impossible with man is possible with God.'” (Luke 18:27 NIV). If ever there was a Yah Think, this is it. Everything that we know about God confirms this, yet it wasn’t the obvious that Jesus was stating, it was a far more subtle message. These words were stated around a discussion about the ability of a man or woman (rich or otherwise) to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Some have given up on the idea or practice of living a life like the one that Jesus did on earth.  Others have stayed the course but have been left with the disappointments of detours and failure. We know what Jesus did and we’ve come to understand how His disciples (or apostles) worked and devoted themselves to following His example. But the bible itself is not a biography of Jesus or any of His followers, it’s not the complete story, it’s an exemplar of understanding, a mapped tutorial of hope and trials, it’s the counsel incarnate of the Holy Spirit of God in His prospective children. Those who’ve given up on trying to follow still haven’t given up on hope or faith.  Those who are following are always attempting to better reconcile their own lives with the life of their (our) mentor and savior.  Still, the only way into the kingdom of heaven is not through what we do, but by hanging our lives fully on the cross of Jesus for He is the only One who knows the way.

We can emulate Him, aspire to Him and pray to Him (and we should) but none of these offers a complete map.  We have to know Him and to know Him is to love Him. There may only be One way, but for each one of us the journey is still different.  We were not born of a heavenly seed, we are distant remnants of the seeds of Adam and eggs of Eve. With that difference, we start as man and then aspire to be reborn of spirit. Jesus started as spirit and incarnated His spirit in man to give us another chance with Truth. Don’t be disappointed if you’ve failed to reflect the Lord in every part of your life, but don’t quit either.  If we can find improvement every single day, we can know that we are not alone in this spiritual journey. And if we are not alone, we are not lost. Back to the subtle message, I can’t tell you what our “nothing is impossible” God wants you to know, that’s the work of His Holy Spirit.  Yet I do know that although we were each created in His image, we were also each made distinctively different and then given the individual gift of the Holy Spirit for a reason that only He knows. God has spoken to and led many a man and woman home, by giving them each very specific, very personal instructions. You already know the destination and are coming to know the One way Now it’s time to find out what you specifically need to know to get home. In this His Season, answer the door (again) and welcome Him.




It’s Personal

Posted: November 29th, 2012 | Category: Christ Follower, Christianity, Common Sense, Spirituality | Comments

Have you ever noticed how evil first seeks and then seemingly flourishes amidst resistance?  If there is no resistance, then it seems that evil lacks the fuel to continue or at the very least, goes unnoticed. The resistance which we routinely offer is more often than not justified as a matter of common law; complete with bundled expectations, ownership and inalienable or exceptional rights. If someone threatens or even attempts to take a life (our most prized possession), we resist…. read more

Promises 2

Posted: November 28th, 2012 | Category: Christ Follower, Christianity, Common Sense, Spirituality | Comments

Have you made promises, with the subconscious or consciously withheld thought, “I hope I can live up to this or I hope I live long enough to fulfill this promise”? If so both conscience and reason (via God) are knocking loudly at the door to our minds. Vows, oaths and promises are our attempt at commitment, but too often without the necessary controls to see them through. The marriage vows come quickly to mind here. “do we promise to love,… read more

Time Reveals Truth

Posted: November 26th, 2012 | Category: Christ Follower, Common Sense, Religion, Spirituality | Comments

To choose blindness over sight seems to neglect the purpose of the eye. Who would do that? To choose ignorance over understanding seems to neglect the purpose of the mind. Again, who would do that? I could continue, but the point here is that we are equipped with certain original equipment for reasons, and in many areas, we have duplicates. There’s no randomness to this equipment, but there are exceptions, flaws and failures, injuries and damage, yet we also have… read more

Forgiveness Isn’t Selfless

Posted: November 25th, 2012 | Category: Christ Follower, Common Sense, Spirituality | Comments

Forgiveness isn’t some giant, heroic, selfless act. Forgiveness involves the total immersion of ones self, into an alien world of past, alone, without understanding, judgement, or condemnation, so that we might more fully revisit our trespasses upon others. It’s easy to recall someone else’s injustices against us, but nearly impossible (for any of us) to recall each of the big and little wounds which we’ve inflicted on those along our paths. If to this you try and say, I’ve never,… read more

Real Purpose

Posted: November 24th, 2012 | Category: Christ Follower, Christianity, disciple, Spirituality | Comments

God’s designs on us were set in place even before we were. So for those who might say, I don’t want God to change me, I’m happy with who I am, there is a huge misunderstanding. God doesn’t want to change us, rather He works tirelessly to return us to our original state of being. When we look at ourselves, we have probably all wondered, does God have some purpose for me, because I sure can’t see it? This is… read more

Stray, Flock or Herder?

Posted: November 20th, 2012 | Category: Christ Follower, disciple, Spirituality | Comments

Sure we want a life with Jesus, but we also want the life we had without him. Is this so much to ask of Him who loves us so dearly? Every flock has it’s leaders, but in the case of sheep, the lone leader is the shepherd, while those who execute the shepherds commands are the herders. The herders only life is with their shepherd. The only voice they obey is that of their shepherd. Their only want is to… read more

What To Expect

Posted: November 19th, 2012 | Category: Christ Follower, Inspirational, prosperity, Spirituality | Comments

What entitlements does life come with?  Are there any guarantees which we can actually count, bank on or trade off? Years ago I heard a statement, “The only things certain in life are death and taxes.” The author was Benjamin Franklin, and there were a lot of people who were unable to find a flaw in that observation. Although much older, I only heard that statement 2 generations ago and now 2 short generations later there is hardly a person… read more

Look Around

Posted: November 17th, 2012 | Category: Christ Follower, prosperity, Spirituality | Comments

From the beginning of our existence it’s been this way. There has never been a single second when we’ve lived without these constant, critical choices. Certainly there are periods, often prolonged for us, when the obvious isn’t conspicuous at all. In fact our abilities to distinguish between good and evil are totally shut down. We’ve turned OFF our warning alarms to bask uninterrupted in the pleasures of our choices. We have unconsciously, but willingly put ourselves squarely in harms way,… read more

Naked In A Blizzard

Posted: November 15th, 2012 | Category: Christ Follower, Common Sense, Spirituality | Comments (2)

I’m leaning toward the opinion that the prevailing majority of our populace does not believe in or accept that there is evil in this world, beyond that found in humankind. By that I mean an infectious, destructive, underlying, stand alone, source of spiritual darkening, evil. Sure everyone buys into the mania of the serial killer, child molester, terrorist, rapist etc., but people are even more resistant to speaking about spiritual evil than they are spiritual good. The devil made me… read more