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March, 2013


Nature Given Freely

Posted: March 31st, 2013 | Category: Christ Follower, Common Sense, Inspirational, Spirituality | Comments

From my earliest memories, my heart has always been weighted with sadness on Good Friday and Easter. For years my Pastor’s, Ministers, Priests, spiritual and religious friends and fellow Christ Followers have tried to convince me of a gladness that I should be feeling, experiencing, understanding and yet on these days, my breathing still shortens, the tears still well up and fall uselessly to earth where they are seemingly lost without purpose. It’s never been that I didn’t understand the enormous sacrifice of Father, Son and Spirit for me and you, I surely do. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the gift that I was given on these two days, I do, I so do! What overwhelms me is that I was responsible for that intolerable suffering and sacrifice of love. Me personally. My choices, my behavior, my thoughts and even though I hadn’t been born yet, it’s still my fault. I was raised to accept responsibility for my wrongs, to bear the many weights of their consequences, regardless of their severity. What I’ve had so much difficulty accepting is that another, one who was 100% innocent of ANY such wrong doings, volunteered from love, to stand, walk, crawl, be ridiculed and tortured, to suffer and die in my place. He’s forgiven me, which opens my heart, shortens my breath and opens the flood gates of tears. I find enormous love, relief, loyalty, respect, dedication and voluntary obedience in this, but joy and gladness are absent. How could I be happy that the most perfect human being who ever lived felt it necessary to die in my place?

I’m really not trying to abrogate your joy on these days, because there certainly is, if not directly, then consequentially, great cause for celebration. It’s just a somber celebration for me, one of countless blessings absorbed. Even though my debts were totally forgiven, a different type of obligation replaced them. My Lord Jesus has never imposed these new obligations on me, my nature, the nature given freely to me and nurtured with love by the Spirt of God, has chosen to harness up these obligations and pull them along that others might come to know more personally this entity of love whom I so adore. So that they in turn might one necessary day also lend a learning hand to another, lift a spirit, serve a soul and there-in come to know the true giver of hope, God. That’s how I apologize and say thank you. We each have have our own way of showing appreciation. If I should one day need an earthly helping hand, I hope it’s yours. “Once, on being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, “The coming of the kingdom of God is not something that can be observed, nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is in your midst.” (Luke 17:20, 21 NIV).




Us and Our Nation

Posted: March 30th, 2013 | Category: Christ Follower, Common Sense, Inspirational, prosperity, Spirituality | Comments

To presume that civil liberties trump or take priority over God’s laws, is a shallow, naive presumption, one which will ultimately result in devastation. We had no “right” to live, yet we have been given life. We’ve only earned the “right” to die, yet we’ve been offered salvation! Redemption is the act of regaining something in exchange for the payment of a debt. The debt of our sinful lives, like the current debt of our sinful nation is simply too… read more

You Must Decide

Posted: March 29th, 2013 | Category: Christ Follower, Common Sense, Inspirational, Spirituality | Comments

Like most of us, there are only a few things in my life that I’m actually any good at. Even these few things in my mind, come into to question at times. Life zigs while I zag. I succeed at one thing while I’m failing at another. My background is an odd yet diverse compilation of education, exposures, experiences, career choices and changes. That background includes both successes and failures, personally and professionally. My judgements have proven crystal clear on… read more

Those In-between

Posted: March 28th, 2013 | Category: Christ Follower, Common Sense, Inspirational, Spirituality | Comments

Bringing someone to faith is the work of the Spirit of God. As children of God, our duty is to assist the Spirit. We are the visible body of Christ and at times the hand or voice of the Spirit. To those without faith and true belief, the Spirit is invisible, silent and seemingly absent. We must become the introductory medium between the lost and the found and then later, the finder. It’s nearly impossible to identify a Christ Follower… read more

Seeing Through Us

Posted: March 26th, 2013 | Category: Christ Follower, Common Sense, Inspirational, Spirituality | Comments

What is it that differentiates us from God? Having been created in His image and likeness, it seems as though we’d be more like Him? The answer you just whispered in your mind is of course “sin“. Jesus clearly proved to us the power of the Holy Spirit when coupled with faith and then gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit. He has since been trying to teach us how to become “one” with the Spirit. Very, very few… read more

Common Sense

Posted: March 25th, 2013 | Category: Christ Follower, Common Sense, Inspirational, Spirituality | Comments

Many Christ followers and spiritual leaders have written that spirituality and common sense share nothing. I believe those writers are operating under the premise that faith needn’t be or perhaps can’t be rationalized. I’ve always taken exception to that. For the One who’s ways are higher than our ways, common sense is not an easy assignment. For His teachings to permeate the broad spectrum of us, they must make common sense. Hence many of the teachings of Jesus came in… read more

Grouping Our Needs

Posted: March 23rd, 2013 | Category: Christ Follower, Inspirational, Spirituality | Comments

I never took God completely for granted, but for too much of my life, I never took God with me anywhere either. I went to visit God every so often, but that was about it and I thought that was pretty good. Over the last decade, I’ve discovered a universal sadness within several groups of prevailing attitudes. A lot of people think of God like an easy chair. Life’s pretty short so we don’t really think about that easy chair… read more

Only a step …

Posted: March 22nd, 2013 | Category: Christ Follower, Inspirational, Spirituality | Comments

If we could ever act, as the peacekeeping army of The Lord, we could help to change the world, but as long as we act only in isolation, so is our influence limited. If we don’t act outwardly, we are left to change only ourselves which is still a monumental assignment, but in so doing we are attending only to a tiny part of the overall charge of our leader. It may well be that we will all come together,… read more

He Leads Us

Posted: March 21st, 2013 | Category: Christ Follower, Common Sense, Inspirational, Spirituality | Comments

If we follow God, we will at various times arrive in places, which are never the result of any conscious choices we might have made. It’s true that God leads us and it’s also true that God watches over us, but not necessarily at the same time. We are like children, fascinated by the journey, colors, intrigue, challenges, mysteries and forbidden attractions.  We are not always mindful of our Lord’s path, yet He is always mindful of ours. We tend… read more

The Original Source

Posted: March 19th, 2013 | Category: Christ Follower, Common Sense, Inspirational, Spirituality | Comments

The wisdom of Solomon was only repeated by Solomon, after it was delivered to him by the Spirit of God. Wisdom is not the proprietary domain of God, for it was, is and always shall be meant for sharing. God however is the fountainhead from which all wisdom flows. Without the Spirit of God shining the light of His Wisdom before us, there are only dark, treacherous, unmarked paths waiting to take their tolls from us. Tolls which we’ve had to… read more