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June, 2013


Once and For All

Posted: June 23rd, 2013 | Category: Christ Follower, Inspirational, Spirituality | Comments

Once and for all” is an interesting phrase, meaning a final act, a problem resolved, a conclusive universal remedy. We’ve probably all used this phrase at some point in our lives or relationships to address one or more recurring issues. But in reality, nothing that we have ever done or will do, universally resolves anything. We tend to approach our problems one at a time, only to be faced with another as soon as our last remedy has been applied. Even the issues which we think were resolved generally resurface. There is only one person, who at one time and for one reason, ever resolved anything once and for all. Our problems are obedience, relationships, expectations and reliances and the single solution was forgiveness. These problems are faced by all, while the solution was held by only One. The reason that any solution was even needed or offered to us was quite simply, our needs and His love. Out of love for all, one act of immense sacrifice was offered. It was offered for all yet only accepted by some. Jesus, was, is and always shall be the solution. Still, we are confused about our God.

If, as children, we went to the community playground, fell off a piece of the playscape, broke a leg and spent the remainder of our summer on crutches, would we blame our parents for having allowed us onto the playground? Of course not, if they hadn’t let us play, we would have been upset, yet they knew more than we did about the inherent risks involved. Such is the role of a parent. Whether it’s a playground, sports, studies, life or love … there are risks of loss; physical, emotional and of course, consequential. Restricted by crutches however, we want to blame someone, so our all powerful God becomes our patsy. God is everything BUT our patsy. Jesus removed the greatest risk facing us, that our lives might somehow be wasted. He did this by defeating death head-on, by offering to extend our lives eternally. This life is a profound learning experience. A conundrum casserole of joy, sadness, pain and pleasure, achievements and failures. This life which so many see as the beginning and end, was only meant to be the kindergarten of eternity. What we learn here, we can carry with us forever, if, with His help, we should choose to. God created a 3 dimensional world for us, filled it with blessing and risks and put up warning signs. The single most consistent message for growing up with minimal risks in this playground has always been, “… that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God’s power.” (1 Corinthians 2:5 NIV). While everyone and everything else will at some point fail us, our God will not. “Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him,  for God is our refuge.” (Psalm 62:1, 8 NIV), once and for all.  By, J.C .Calkins