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October, 2013


Our Spoken Reality ~ JC Calkins

Posted: October 17th, 2013 | Category: Inspirational, Jesus Follower | Comments (1)

When I tell you that God speaks TRUTH into existence, it does not mean that something will happen because God once said it, it means that because God said it, it happens … or happened, depending on where we think we are in our time continuum. Getting the order straight is critical. Accepting the Word of God simply involves getting a firm grip on the obvious. God said it, it’s done!  We can ask, what did He say or what did He mean, or even why did He say it, but those questions won’t change the facts. Whether we’ve seen it yet is a different issue, but we need to believe it, regardless. For us it is, because we believe it. We spend far to much time stumbling blindly through the crashing waves of life, asking why this or that, fearing all the unknowns, where if only we could find within ourselves the ability to put our trust totally in God, His Word, His promises, our eyes would open to calm waters and clear skies. That’s uncompromisable TRUTH. Instead, because we don’t fully believe it, we put our faith and trust in ourselves. Bad choice but an all too common one.

The bible says the most extraordinary things, many of which are so far beyond our limited comprehension, that we are seemingly left with only 2 choices; 1.) believe it on faith alone or, 2.) reject it, in part or whole as a lie or fantasy based on our experiences, understanding or human reasoning. I’ve some spent time in both of those schools. I long ago eliminated number 2, the school of rejection, in part because I’ve since seen God’s work, marveled at His creation, been blessed by His nature and rewarded according to His promises. Note however, I believe that those testimonial experiences each came after my blind faith leap, yet before and during my starving search for the food of His Word and my total surrender to His ways. I now believe every Word of God. Every single spoken word, because they are the truth upon which I should have built my entire  life. God said Noah built a large boat to survive the flood and save the creatures, I say, how big and which creatures? God’s said, if we ask in His name, we can move a mountain, I say cool. God said He rolled back time to prove a point, I think, awesome, that took some serious astrological finesse. God said Jonah got swallowed by a big fish and spit out alive a few days later, I think, ugh. I don’t doubt anything God says, because His thoughts and ways are not my thoughts and ways, they’re higher, He’s simply way smarter. To think anything else in that virtual one on one, is simply way dumber. I’m reminded here of something else which was said to Thomas, one of His disciples, “Jesus said to him, “Do you believe because you see me? How happy are those who believe without seeing me!” (John 20:29 GNT). I say … Amen!!