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September, 2014


Chosen? ~ JC Calkins

Posted: September 25th, 2014 | Category: Christ Follower, Promises | Comments


I suspect that we’ve all been chosen for something at some point in our lives. Stop and think about that for a few seconds… When that happens we generally tend to stand a little taller, at least when that which we’ve been chosen for, distinguishes us nicely from everyone else around us. There are also those occasions when we’ve been chosen (picked on, made an example of) for something just to make a point of rectification. An example of us,  for us to grow through and/or point out for others to witness and learn from. Those choices which are made for us, what we do with them, are often every bit, if not even more important, than the choices we make for ourselves. I wondered for a very long time why the people Israel, were designated as the Chosen People and why God, who knows all, chose them? After all, they would eventually become the people who turned their backs on the Messiah, whom God told them, well ahead of his designated time, that He would be sending to them. This would be the most dramatic illustration in history of being chosen for something to make a point of obvious correction. Even today we don’t bother to make examples of others (whom we love) to ridicule them, we highlight those private and public examples because we care deeply enough to help them when they’ve misinterpreted the right way to approach or do something important. When God does this choosing for us, it’s even more telling and dramatic.

God has a well documented pattern and history of picking the people(s) who are often the least well equipped of the available choices, to complete tasks which would seem impossible for even the best equipped in that area of need. That’s not how most of us work, for us that’s not a winning formula in almost any arena. That would be like choosing a 200 pound jockey to ride our most promising racehorse to victory or choosing all 150 pound lineman to mount a defense against the giants the other team will pit against us in the Superbowl. We don’t send cooks into battle we send our most elite armed forces. We pick the best of everything in every arena if we want to win. God doesn’t do that, because He operates out of love, which He knows to be the greatest strength of all. God turned a shepherd boy into the warrior who would slay Goliath and a multitude of other armies. A warrior who would become one of the greatest kings in history. He chose a criminal to lead His Chosen People out of slavery because he had a connection of heritage. Israel was one of the least relevant, weakest of all nations at that time, until God chose to be with them. “The Lord answered, “I myself will go with you. I will lead you.” (Exodus 33:14 ERV), then everything changed for them, for everyone really. We don’t have to be special to be chosen, as being Chosen is what will eventually will make us special to God and to whomever God wants to teach a point of obvious correction. God will ask us to do something one day, something which when first considered, will cause us to ask “who am I to do that“? That’s the wrong question. The right question is; “who will I become, if You are with me?” The answer is, one of God’s Chosen. The other question is “who will I remain, if I decline?”  We all have bridges to cross, some are more intimidating than others.


Insignificant? ~ JC Calkins

Posted: September 22nd, 2014 | Category: Christ Follower, Disappointment, Understanding | Comments

What does insignificance mean to you? It doesn’t seem like a complicated question, but it certainly addresses a life complication for almost all of us. Unless we’ve lived a life in total isolation, the chances are pretty good that many of those we’ve interacted with have weighed in on our life contributions (or lack there-of) there-by sucking the steam out of our self-esteem. Family, “friends”, co-workers, teachers, coaches, supervisors, even our parents unwittingly do this by playing their biases against… read more

Healing & Sin ~ JC Calkins

Posted: September 8th, 2014 | Category: belief, Christ Follower | Comments

We all sin. We can debate this all day long, but the bottom line is that we all sin (think; greed, selfishness, deception, hatred, envy, lust, coveting etc.). Those who have found their path of following Jesus, those who are regularly working with the Holy Spirit, should be working toward correcting the sinful nature of our thoughts and our behaviors, but that does not mean that we are ever perfect in this world, we are only perfect in the eyes… read more

The Prime Objective ~ JC Calkins

Posted: September 3rd, 2014 | Category: belief, Christ Follower, Jesus Follower, Love | Comments

Being a Christian isn’t quite the same as being a (devoted) follower of Jesus Christ. It should be, but it isn’t anymore because we’ve been led to believe that it’s not necessary to pursue Jesus. We’ve been led (by many who know or should know better) to believe that it’s acceptable just to label ourselves as Christians. To then just sit back in a spiritual sense and wait for God to do whatever He wants in our lives to achieve… read more

They Never Knew ~ JC Calkins

Posted: September 1st, 2014 | Category: belief, Conflict | Comments

There seems to be more than enough confusion on this topical question to warrant an explanation here. To what standard will those who have never been made aware of Jesus Christ be one day judged? This is for those never reached and might even include other believers who have been intentionally barred from hearing of or learning about Jesus Christ. EVERY ONE of us (not just Christians), will be given the opportunity to make a fully informed choice. That’s a… read more