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October, 2015


Hate Is A Crime ~ John C. Calkins

Posted: October 23rd, 2015 | Category: Christ Follower | Comments (2)

Hate Is A Crime


In the five and a half years, I’ve been writing this series, I’ve never once written about hate crimes. Yet this particular emphasis on specific acts of evil, has been like a contagious epidemic. Growing worse with each shift of the winds of our ways. Based upon virtually every bit of history I’ve ever absorbed, this dilemma goes back, in one form or another, to the day after the dawn of our creation. Cain and Abel, the first two sons of Adam and Eve were involved in the first recorded hate crime of humanity. Cain the farmer murdered his brother Abel the shepherd out of some combination of frustration, hate and envy. There was only one farmer hating one shepherd at that moment, so it was not a class action. Just evil taking hold of the second generation as it had done with the first. It’s been going on ever since without interruption. Over the past twenty years I’ve read of murders over wallets, sneakers, traffic violations and leather or fur jackets, which is really just a hate crime toward the possibly selfish haves by the obviously selfish have nots. It is NOT a statistic though, for the victims suffer and die in earnest. The friends and families of the victims suffer equally and often longer. Number do not represent pain or distress.

Differences in race, religion, heritage, wealth, citizenship, physical characteristics and now sexual orientation have been the trigger points for evil to manipulate various segments of humanity into devastating acts. From Proverbs alone: “Liars hate their victims; flatterers sabotage trust. (26:28 MSG), Murderers hate honest people; moral folks encourage them. (29:10 MSG) and Better a bread crust shared in love than a slab of prime rib served in hate.” (15:17 MSG). God is love, so why are we so filled with hate? We were after all created in His image and likeness, but the free will we exercise kicks-in during our moments of weakness. After the murderous action and Cain’s curt dismissal of God, “GOD said, “What have you done! The voice of your brother’s blood is calling to me from the ground. From now on you’ll get nothing but curses from this ground; you’ll be driven from this ground that has opened its arms to receive the blood of your murdered brother. You’ll farm this ground, but it will no longer give you its best. You’ll be a homeless wanderer on Earth.” GOD told him, “No. Anyone who kills Cain will pay for it seven times over.” GOD put a mark on Cain to protect him so that no one who met him would kill him.” (Genesis 4:10-12, 15 MSG). Hate is merely the seed of evil planted into the hearts of our selfishness. Love is the water which extinguishes these hostile fires of hatred. Sins are acts. Evil is the source of these acts. Evil is our enemy, sin is the consequences of our submissions to evil. God may not tolerate sin (and someday soon, Evil itself), but He still does NOT show hatred. He explains (calmly), that being cut off from Him is the consequence of sin. Of course we can’t exist without Him, so it’s important. Evil plus selfish retributions are the perfect recipe for this expanding epidemic of hatred and sin. Love is the only viable antidote. We must always be wary of the cracks in our love. Evil will find a way and an opportunity to penetrate and manipulate us. One moment of hatred might just end our lives. A lifetime of hatred will surely guarantee our demise. Hate is never acceptable to God. Even if you think hating evil is justified, you are not listening to God. God says love. The judgement of evil and sin is His alone to deliver. We can not hate anyone. Hate is a crime against the God who created everything and everyone. Hate never satisfies and love never disappoints. Love is an outgoing gift, not an incoming expectation or hope. Just give love, it may bounce harshly off the haters who have their spiritual heads buried in the sand but it will never hurt them as they hurt you or others. It might just show them another way to look at life. Even if it doesn’t, it shows God that we’ve been listening. So maybe He won’t say to us as He did to Cain “What have you done!” Note; the exclamation point there, which says this isn’t a question from God, it’s a judgement.





Just Ask ~ John C. Calkins

Posted: October 6th, 2015 | Category: Christianity, Conflict, Disappointment, Hope, Inspirational, Uncategorized | Comments

Every so often, too often really, we are going to be faced with life trials, tribulations and the inconvenient trespasses of others. Selfishness is the principle cause of our troubles, if not our own then the unbridled selfishness of others. My way or the highway is the most often chosen road map of our lives. This is the basis of our internal conflict, but let me explain that. Living like a Christian will only, on the rarest of occasions, make… read more