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February, 2016


The Harvest Of Perfection ~ John C. Calkins

Posted: February 2nd, 2016 | Category: belief, Christ Follower, Faith, Inspirational, Jesus Follower, Love, Understanding | Comments


Why does God want or need so many people in heaven? The answer seems clear if every person around us brings us joy. More joy with each person. More joy is better. Yet that somehow seems too simplistic. A bit below the genius and work of God. It is also unrealistic? Would joy even be special if we’d never known sorrow? We shouldn’t be looking at this from our point of view, we should just be looking at it from God’s? The question is about God’s reasoning isn’t it? Because if He were to change His mind about us, then all is lost. We already KNOW why we’d want heaven for ourselves, but why would God want us with Him?

It’s really a matter of seeing what God sees, of feeling how God feels and of knowing what God knows. The beginning of our answer started 2,000 years ago, not 7,000 or a million years ago when the groundwork was laid. 2 millennia (two days as God counts). The first 5,000 of our years (5 God days) were spent defining the interim problem, which is us. That’s about when we’d given up on living a perfectly productive life. We’d given up on even trying for more than survival and stuff. The good guys were almost always bad guys and the bad guys were often worse. Nobody could be trusted. Well maybe a few but not many. Then comes this very special kid named Jesus. This kid may have been conceived out of wedlock but He would one day become the purest and most dependable groom to all of humanity. He may have been born in a stable but He was conceived in heaven. He may have been trained to work with His hands but the work He would one day do with those hands would extend miraculously beyond His training. He spoke only truth, because truth is manifested by His Word. He couldn’t be killed but He would willingly die for us. He didn’t just pray to God the Father, He talked directly to Him. Every day. He sees, feels and knows what God does because He is God. Everything listens to him, except most of us. That was 2,000 years ago, 7,000 years by our count (or 7 God days) since Adam & Eve were created. 7 days to create everything we know and then 7 more to bring us to this table sitting in time. 14 (God) days. The number 14 (and 14th) is found 46 times in the Bible for many reasons, but let it suffice for our purposes to know that it represents deliverance and salvation. There are 3 sets of 14 (generations) between David and Jesus. There’s more about 14 days in the crucifixion of Jesus but that’s enough for now. Just remember deliverance and salvation and that God gave us this measurement of “time” so that we could see the patterns in His plan. Yes, God has a plan. He’s always had a plan. (John 14:14 MSG) “From now on, whatever you request along the lines of who I am and what I am doing, I’ll do it. That’s how the Father will be seen for who he is in the Son. I mean it. Whatever you request in this way, I’ll do.” Can you begin to see how we are suppose to be working together here?

God has good work for us to do. He started training us 2,000 years ago. His plan is bigger than we are, much bigger. He sees our potential, feels our love and knows our purpose better than we do. Jesus laid the groundwork and then broke the glass ceiling between earth and heaven. He set the example that no one else could and sent us a helper that we might follow Him. He removed the religious doctrine which was slowing us down and gave us direct access to Holy Spirit, in pure, unbiased truth. He certainly does love in the fullest sense of the Word. He has great purpose and the wisdom to allow those He created in His image and likeness to participate and realize this shared goal, His church dynasty. His work is the greatest labor of love ever contemplated and the time is coming to begin the next phase. It’s a family project like no other ever conceived and Jesus is our leader, the head of the family and church. There are 14 steps through time on this stairway to heaven. That might also represent the 14,000 years (or 14 God days) it’s taken us to get this close to understanding God. It’s been a longer journey by our measure but we’re nearing the end of our first adventure. We’re closing in on our true purpose. Jesus offered Himself to us that we might in turn offer ourselves back to Him. It’s how we will all get this bigger plan done, together. We need Him and He needs us. The delivered and saved versions of us. It’s simple really, our needs and wants are to be married with His needs and wants. We are to become the bride of Christ and follow Him loyally. He knows where we’re going and we trust Him to assign us our roles. There are still too few workers for God’s plan to reach fruition, but we are getting closer to a full roster. Those who understand that this is part one of God’s prepared work, which is the long sought after harvest of perfection, shall be the truly blessed. Those who don’t understand should ask God for more direction today, now. Don’t wait for tomorrow.