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Guide to the Future ~ JC Calkins

Posted: July 9th, 2014 | Category: Hope, Inspirational, Prophecy, prosperity | Comments

Guide to the Future

Many wonder how or why the bible is used as a guide to the future? Certainly Revelations is predictive, but for most people, the rest of The Book just seems like history. Biblical scholars, theologians and diggers spend much time and energy on biblical interpretation because they or we believe it holds many clues to the present and future. As always, opinions differ. We must remember that the Holy Bible is inspired by God. Not WAS mind you, but IS inspired by God. We believe that BECAUSE we BELIEVE our living God of truth. Every subtle nuance. The difficult part is in the interpretations and the details. The Holy Bible (in full breadth) is literal, interpretive and predictive, all without being the least bit contradictory. This is because, as much as God breathes life into creation, He also breathes life into His written word so that we might better understand the revealing of Himself to us, His children. Nearly every father wants his children to know him, so that they might live up to or even exceed their inherent potential. Our heavenly Father is no different in that respect. The Holy Bible is filled with prophecies which have already manifested into historical reality. Entire books have been written around a single line of scripture. There are two very good reasons for this. 1) The inspiring subject of this living book, being outside of time, knows what we refer to as the future. 2) That very same inspiring subject, knows His prodigies, our strengths, weaknesses and inherent propensity for encouraging history to repeat itself.

Given that brief preamble, “Ephraim has mixed himself among the peoples; Ephraim is a cake unturned. Aliens have devoured his strength, But he does not know it; Yes, gray hairs are here and there on him, Yet he does not know it. And the pride of Israel testifies to his face, But they do not return to the LORD their God, Nor seek Him for all this.” (Hosea 7:8-10 NKJV). Ephraim was both a man and later a confederation of the tribes of Israel. Ephraim and his brother Manasseh, were destined (by God) to have their descendants (migrations) evolve into the two greatest (most powerful, wealthy and influential) nations on earth. It’s a long biblical story but it boils down to birthright and/or divine selection. Experts differ on these interpretations, some pointing to very specific nations (usually the United Kingdom and the United States of America), but these nations are not composed of any single bloodline, hence their “United” given names and diverse populations. Both are melting pots of humanity. “Ephraim has mixed himself among the peoples; Ephraim is a cake unturned. Aliens have devoured his strength, But he does not know it;” so I ask, what better description could possibly be offered nearly 3,000 years before these nations became reality? Although the UK is much older, the US is no longer a spring chicken and neither are fully baked out (cake unturned) yet. “Yes, gray hairs are here and there on him, Yet he does not know it.” Two hundred and twenty five years ago this would have made no sense to us. “And the pride of Israel testifies to his face, But they do not return to the LORD their God, Nor seek Him for all this.” Israel was re-established on May 14, 1948 as a nation and has spoken loudly to the world since then. Especially to the UK and the US. Both of these nations have Jewish and Christian populations dominating their landscapes, but they (we) have in citizenship “… aliens …” as well. Our state policies are consistent, our defenses aligned and our peoples (not all, never all) are moving farther away from rather than toward “The LORD their God“. Following are the next two lines of scripture the Holy Bible and prophet Hosea offer us. “Ephraim also is like a silly dove, without sense— They (the nations) call to Egypt, They go to Assyria. Wherever they go, I will spread My net on them; I will bring them down like birds of the air; I will chastise them According to what their congregation has heard.” (Hosea 7:11-12 NKJV). Interpret for yourselves. The bible is offered as testimony to our choices and ways as well as guidance to correct those ways. It or God provides ample warnings. Not so that we might cower in caves, but that we might see the light of God and change our ways. Our democratic governments and policies reflect our choices. Time marches on as does God.


Our Newest Dagon ~ JC Calkins

Posted: July 7th, 2014 | Category: Hope, Inspirational, Political, prosperity, Truth | Comments

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A Tiny Acorn ~ JC Calkins

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My Way? ~ JC Calkins

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Wicked Ways ~ by JC Calkins of 4NR

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If I go to church every week and you choose not to go at all, am I any better than you? If I study the bible every day and you’ve never read it at all, does that make me a better person or Christian than you? There is an easy answer to these questions but in reality there isn’t enough information in the questions to offer an accurate answer. On the surface there are two answers ~ no and no…. read more

Demands vs Offers

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Elijah is the name that was given to a man of God in the ninth century BC. The name or descriptive title itself means “my God is Yahweh”. Little is known about the beginning or end of Elijah’s life, as he didn’t die, but rather was swept up in a whirlwind described as as a chariot and horses of fire. Elijah was a prophet, healer and teacher. One story of Elijah, concerns his travels as directed by God. There came… read more

The Reality of God

Posted: May 19th, 2013 | Category: Christ Follower, Inspirational, prosperity, Spirituality | Comments

For those who have been blessed by some life event, either good or bad, which has resulted in a connection to God or a closer relationship with our almighty, the situation often does not change our character but produces an aberration of attitude. Aberrations are like winds that come and go. As soon as the life event which caused the shift or discovery becomes distant enough in our rear view mirrors, the aberration becomes a memory. We may have a… read more

Little White Lies?

Posted: May 16th, 2013 | Category: Christ Follower, Common Sense, Inspirational, prosperity, Spirituality | Comments

Lying is such an incredibly simple act, requiring absolutely no knowledge or expertise, yet it carries with every word, the weight of the world. Lying is simply a sociological injustice, used by those who have no respect for life, self or God. There are some, many actually, who have convinced themselves that their lies are an intended blessing, that withholding harsh truths spares others unnecessary hardships, emotional roller coasters. This is the pinnacle of foolishness and deceit. If we begin… read more

25 Years to Notice

Posted: April 26th, 2013 | Category: Christ Follower, Common Sense, Inspirational, prosperity, Spirituality | Comments

There are always going to be difficult or what seems like impossible people in the world, in fact there are more and more of them every day.  Issues like permissiveness, procrastination and indulgence only make matters worse. Entitlements aggravate thinking even more. As little as 40-50 years ago, kids (who are now mature adults) were raised in a totally different environment. Failure was a part of life and growing up. Mistakes had consequences and bad choices tougher ones. Pain was… read more