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The Devil is For Real ~ JC Calkins

Posted: August 14th, 2014   Category: belief, Deception, Jesus Follower, Truth


We were given something tangible, to help us believe in something else, something bigger and much more important. It’s kind of like a baseball glove. By itself that baseball glove can do absolutely nothing but gather dust. However if that very same glove is placed on the hand, there-in activated, it can help us do things that we believe we might not be able to do or at least not as well without that glove. In essence the glove provides some tangible reassurance  for us to rely upon as we catch a fly ball or hopping grounder. God knew that we needed to add some reassurance to our beliefs, to activate our faith, to remember distinctly those things that Jesus, His son left us with. God’s inspiration, was to leave us with something that ultimately would be called the Holy Bible. God inspired the writings and the assembly of the Holy Bible. God also speaks to us through the Holy Bible. God is all about truth. If God, our ultimate Creator, the one who spoke the heavens and earth into existence, says something, then what He speaks immediately becomes truth, real, ultimately dependable. Since I believe what I just wrote, then I can jump completely to believing that the Holy Bible is 100% truth … when it’s presented to me (and activated) by the Holy Spirit. Given that foundational stone, I would like to talk about one individual mentioned in the Bible 40 times. It’s the very same individual, who tempted Jesus for 40 days. That individual is the devil. Interestingly the words devil and evil, are nearly identical except for the added D (in English). That just doesn’t seem like it would be random or coincidence. Just as the likeness between man and woman (in English), doesn’t seem like they would be randomly or coincidentally alike. According to the Bible, woman was created from man and evil is created from the devil. Don’t assume any likeness here between evil and woman, these are just examples of foreknowledge. Per historical accounts, English was not a spoken language 3000 or even 2000 years ago, having only been recorded in history since the 5th century, or 500 hundred years after Christ. Random coincidence is slipping away rapidly now. The Bible’s origins were written over a span of 1500 years, by 40 authors (initially in Hebrew), none if whom were in any contradiction, both before and after Christ.

Many professed believers today don’t believe in the devil or evil as a force, folklore perhaps but not a force per se. We’ve tangibly seen man and woman. We have also seen evil and there are a few very reputable people in this world who have said they’ve seen the devil. I consider myself fortunate, that I am not one of those reputable people … who have seen the devil, but I’ve seen evil and felt temptation and so have you. Deception is hard to see until it overtakes us. Since the Bible, through multiple accounts from various individuals, has cited the devil 40 times, I not only believe it, but I believe it with 40 times the magnitude of anything written about or mentioned only once in our book of truth. In other words, I take the devil and evil very seriously. If you don’t believe the whole bible, is it even possible to believe 100% in the God who inspired it? We know that accepting God without Jesus isn’t going to work (for anybody). Neither is accepting God or the Holy Trinity without the devil or God with any other man-made limitations. Disregarding the devil is an ancient recipe for toast. If you think about it, once we accept the devil as the cause of evil, then hope springs forth for absolutely everybody. Because of Jesus, everybody can ultimately rid themselves of evil temptations or demonic forces applied by the devil. This requires knowing a whole lot more about God, but I’ve dealt with that in hundreds of other pages. Just remember hope and defeating temptation in 40 days. “Don’t give the devil a way to defeat you.” (Ephesians 4:27 ERV). Don’t ever lose hope.


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