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Internet Risks can teach lessons.

Posted: February 8th, 2017   Category: Uncategorized

Far away or right inside our homes …..


Our web-sight was hacked over the holidays. We apologize for the the semitic profanity displayed on this page by the hacker who proudly signed their work. We take Freedom of Religion for granted in the United States of America, sadly that is not the case over much of the rest of the world. The mere fact that this site was targeted suggests that we are still doing God’s work and with that comes the extremist sector trying to undue that very same work. We’ll pray for the proud hacker, such that God may influence the thinking and actions which led to this particular trespass. There is so much stress, hate and chaos in the middle east that situations such as this are unavoidable. Prayers for those who do not know the nature, nor can understand the will of God are needed. The internet makes everyone our neighbors and as Christians, we know what our responsibility is toward our neighbors. Divine love is a matter of actions; respect, tolerance, courtesy, sharing and assistance. Prayer is the assistance we will offer today.


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